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Policy Selection

For details about the benefits of Membership in the National Association of Massage Therapists, and Insurance Coverage specifics,
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Policy Terms
Liability coverage limit options:
  • $1 million per occurrence / $2 million annual aggregate
  • $2 million per occurrence / $3 million annual aggregate
The policy does not cover procedures involving Brazilian waxing, or chemical peels.
It does not cover any Medical Spa treatments, including Botox, laser and plastic surgery.
We cannot cover the sale or distribution of (own) herbal, medicinal and/or nutritional products.
No coverage is provided for any insured under the age of 18 or physical education teachers while working in a private or public school, university or college.
We can cover claims against communicable diseases, sexual abuse or molestation and cyber liability if the additional coverages are purchased.
Policy Limit
Please select a per occurrence / general aggregate option.
Practice Type
Please select all applicable modalities.
Optional Coverages
Note that NAMT offers optional non-institutional teaching coverage at no additional charge.
Please note that this coverage will not cover you while teaching at a Massage school nor cover you for a class exceeding 99 students.